Self-Esteem Booster Workshop

self_esteem_booster High self-esteem is the most essential ingredient for developing fulfillment, rich relationships, and overall success in life.Research also points to the fact that around 85 percent of the people in the world suffer from diminished self-esteem in one or more key areas of their lives.

Devika Coaching & Consulting offers tailor made workshops aimed at raising the self-esteem of participants to soaring levels. While these workshops are available to all interested audiences, we offer them especially to women and little girls.

The process of loosing self-esteem first takes place in childhood. This specialized form of coaching workshop therefore aims to break the habitual dynamic of diminished self-esteem related to self-sabotage by creating a positive self image.

The best way to enhance self-esteem is through a series of focused sessions and exercises in small groups. Participants are encouraged to become fully aware of all the unique qualities and talents that make you so special and adorable.

Together we will explore and identify your passions and motivate each other to pursue these special interests and gifts. This will make you feel more comfortable with who you truly are at your core. It will also help participants to feel significant – a key factor in high-self-esteem-people.

You will learn to shift your focus on your strengths instead of weaknesses. You will also be enabled to seek for the good side or the learning experience in those aspects or traits that you still don’t like so much in yourself.

The workshop will provide for plenty of fun through Laughter Yoga exercises. This will increase the ability of participants to let go of tension and to laugh about themselves – another important trait of high-self-esteem-people. It will also increase social competence.

This Workshop will help you to:

  • feel more comfortable with who you are,
  • feel worthy and significant,
  • appreciate your own individuality and uniqueness.
  • identify your passion and special interests,
  • commit to further develop your unique gifts,
  • accept that making mistakes is a natural part of life,