Yoga Nidra

yog_nidraThis chilling part of yoga is also called yogic sleep. It’s all about deeply relaxing from head to toe. While the facilitator talks you through it in a deep low voice, your part is simply to let go of tension in every single muscle.

 In Western countries this practice has become known as progressive muscle relaxation, however, it is part of the ancient yoga that was arguable developed in India by Patanjali at least 3.500 years ago.

In our programs Yoga Nidra is usually offered at the end of laughter yoga sessions, and as integral part of most of our workshops and retreats. I love delivering Yoga Nidra sessions as it gives me much joy to see how the stress melts away and participants sink into deep states of relaxation previously unkown to them.

I have recorded a number of Yoga Nidra sessions upon frequent requests on CDs to make them more available – for instance just before you go to sleep for maximum benefit.

Benefits include:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Altered chemistry in the body – less stress hormones
  • improved awareness for all parts of your body
  • better sleep at night, overcoming sleeplessness
  • feeling comfortable in your body