Energy Management Training

Resilience helps you to effectively cope with stress, face difficult experiences and rise above them with ease. Intelligent management of our energy as well as the stress in our lives are crucial skills in these challenging times of change.

intelligent-energyIncreases in stress resilience and emotional vitality as well as reductions of anxiety, anger, and depression have been consistently observed with the use of the tools you will learn in this workshop.

This two-day workshop introduces you to simple tools that help revitalize and re-energize mind, body and spirit anytime, anywhere with just a few minutes of daily practice. It is based on the Resilience Advantage workshop developed by the Institute of HearthMath in the US.

You have the opportunity to learn how to self-activate and eventually sustain a renewing emotion. As a result of a positive emotional shift the heart’s rhythm will shift into coherence – a state of system-wide synchronicity and balance. When you are in a state of coherence you perform at peak levels and feel at your best.

Practicing coherence- and resilience-building skills leads to numerous well-researched benefits established by the Institute of HearthMath:

  • Reduces fatigue an exhaustion
  • Promotes natural process of regeneration
  • Improves family and social harmony
  • Enhances ability to think clearly and find better solutions
  • Reduces depleting emotions such as anger, anxiety, hostility or burnout
  • Improves ability to learn and achieve higher test scores
  • Enhances ability to maintain composure during challenges
  • Improves coordination and reaction times
  • Increases access to intuitive intelligence

Best-selling author and scientist Gregg Braden expresses this so well in one sentence: “Personal resilience makes room for big shifts in our lives, and is our greatest ally in our times of extremes”.