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Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga was founded by Dr. Madan Kataria in Mumbai with the goal to bring good health, joy and peace to the world through laughter.

Laughter Yoga Clubs are fast growing into a worldwide community of like-minded people who believe in unconditional Love, Laughter and Fellowship.

On his official website electronic versions of his two books, “Laugh for no Reason” and “The Inner Spirit of Laughter”, can be purchased. Loads of interesting articles and announcements for trainings, retreats and teachers all over the world can be found at

Check out this lovely brief film on Youtube for an introduction of Laughter Yoga from my mentor and teacher:

The Nun Center

The Nun Center is the most beautiful center for holistic therapies that Cairo has to offer. This heart-centered business was launched by two young entrepreneurs – themselves wonderful practitioners – who are dedicated to offer treatments which are both, relaxing and therapeutic. Each working its own way to bring balance to clients by reducing stress and moving them towards a deeper understanding of themselves.

By inviting practitioners to Egypt from around the world, a wide spectrum of services is offered in: nutrition, homeopathy, chi kung, body work, energy work, and yoga. Nūn is a delightful oasis to gather for morning yoga classes, evening cooking workshops, or an afternoon tea… and for Laughter Yoga. It is a place to be at ease, breathe deeply, and find like-minded people and friends.

I feel very blessed to offer Laughter Yoga sessions in this gorgeous space. Please check it out:

The Centre for Sacred Arts

The Centre for Sacred Arts is a very uplifting and nourishing, non-profit space that offers a wide range of activities promoting education, creativity and personal growth in Cairo. The center is run mainly by donations as well as cooperative efforts through Leslie Zehr, who was one of the very first to open a center dedicated to health and well-being in Egypt.

Leslie holds a mindboggling amount of diplomas in a wide range of holistic disciplines and she is an amazing writer and teacher who provides profound insights, inspiration as well as comfort to a group of lovely women who keep gathering in the center for meditations and events. She is the author of ‘The Alchemy of Dance: Sacred Dance as a Path to the Universal Dancer’.Leslie’s focus is mainly on exploring all the Sacred Arts, ancient and modern, such as Sacred Dance, women’s circles, mothering, healing, creative expression, poetry, aromatherapy, astrology, the Al-chemia Remedies, mandalas, music, drumming, etc. For more information about the center, check out this website:

Judith Joy

Judith Joy is an empowerment coach and writer of inspirational stories in the Chicago area. She is dedicated to share through stories, tools and techniques intended to educate and empower individuals to heal themselves, find contentment and discover their joy.

I love the sincerity and depth of her stories in her blog as well as the tools she presents. If you want a good dose of inspiration, visit her site:

Cosima Lukashevich

Cosima Lukashevich is an amazingly talented visual artist living in Cairo, Egypt who created a unique collage technique bringing up layers and layers of images and faces in her paintings that carry multi-facetted spiritual meaning. She is also offering spirit drawings, a special technique during which she sits in a meditative state with clients and brings to the paper whatever comes through. Her clients have always been thrilled by the messages that these beautiful drawings brought to the light for them.

Laughter Yoga & Laughter Wellness

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The Positive Psychology People

The Coaching Academy

The Coaching Academy in London is one of the leading institutions for coach training worldwide. As the largest UK school for coaches, it has developed a reputation for quality training and has been training coaches in coaching skills since 1999. The website also has a blog with many inspiring articles on coaching.

I enjoyed studying at the Academy very much. It has been an intensive and very rewarding process of self-discovery as well as learning many new skills. For people interested to know more about coaching or contemplating to become coaches they offer a most inspiring free 2-day introduction course: check it out:


Zumba is definitely a fantastic way to work out and have fun at the same time. It might not have the same therapeutic quality as Laughter Yoga though, but it is hot and it is inn! The great mix of fast hits from India, Latin America and the Middle East goes with high speed dance moves and has swept the world. It’s getting more and more popular in Egypt as well. You simply can’t do it without triggering the release of plenty of Endorphines, sweat and smiles.

I feel blessed that my gorgeous Zumba instructor Emeline Lavender from New York became my friend and neighbor! She is amazing to watch in action and gives classes in lots of great places.

For those of you who live in Cairo, check out her website and her facebook page and her website.


YesUcan is the brainschild of Karim El-Shakankiry who introduced life coaching in Egypt as a pioneer and is the founder and president of the Arab Coaching Federation.

Apart from coaching clients in all areas, from corporate executive coaching to personal relationship coaching, he also certifies coaches who undergo his exclusive courses that consist of a 30 hours program.YesUcan also introduced a 5 days course training top leaders to coach their team members.See more details here:

Sharon Blauer

Sharon Blauer is an extremely gifted energy and color healing practitioner who is also a (medical) clairsentient reading auras, which can lead to amazing insights for her clients. She has more than 20 years experience in the field and has received a wide range of trainings in Canada, Egypt, England, Holland, Thailand and India.

Sharon is available remotely for Distance Healing and Aura/Psychic Reading sessions. Already during any session with Sharon I have felt a huge difference in my condition as she helped me to release emotional or physical pain of any sort. I can full heartedly recommend to take up healing sessions with this remarkably dedicated woman. This is her site:

Women Follow Dreams

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HeartMath Institute