Coaching within Education

coaching_with_educationI offer professional support especially for Students, Teachers & Parents to achieve more and feel better.

My focus in individual sessions, as well as the workshops I facilitate in schools, is on reducing the stress, increasing your vital energy and sense of self-appreciation.

Coaching in schools is still a comparatively new area which is quickly gaining popularity amid rampant problems at many schools in the US and Britain and started to spread from there all over Europe. According to various studies, overwhelm and stress have become major problems for teachers as well as for young people.

I have completed my diploma in this specialized area of coaching with the Academy of Coaching in London in summer 2015. Since then I feel particularly passionate about coaching teenagers into setting goals and taking initiative to achieve them.

This prepares them early on to clearly articulate and reflect on their situation, find solutions to their problems and take responsibility and action. These are skills sets that form a solid foundation for a fruitful and fulfilling life.

Having a coach on board for teenagers helps them to develop motivation as well as stamina.

It sets them on track and keeps them going. They develop essential life skills, including more confidence & resilience.

I offer tailor made workshops to schools on a wide variety of issues, for students, teachers or parents separately.

Among the services I offer to schools is also facilitating the M.A.G.I.C. program for young people of all ages to grow and excel on many different levels.


Benefits of enrolling in coaching:

  • reduced anxiety before stressful situations, like exams
  • increased concentration and logical thinking
  • ability to shift out of negative emotions
  • more energy & motivation
  • better self-esteem
  • confident communication
  • a clear plan how to move forward
  • awareness of your special talents and strengths
  • techniques to stop self-blame & criticism
  • more happiness


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