Laughter Yoga Leader Certification Training

This certified training course will give you a unique qualification to facilitate laughter for others. It will also give you a transformational experience where you’ll learn how to shift your state and access the positive emotions recognized by Positive Psychologists as the route to happiness.

certification On completion, successful participants will be registered as Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders, endorsed by Dr Madan Kataria, the founder of Laughter Yoga International.

This is an internationally recognised qualification which will enable you to offer Laughter Yoga in yoga and fitness studios, health care facilities, non-governmental organizations, clubs, education institutions and in the work place.

Laughter Yoga enormously benefits health and emotional state of people from all ages and backgrounds and is excellent for teambuilding. You may also just use your new skills to create more laughter and happiness in your personal life and improve your relationships with friends and family.

The course is suitable for:

Teachers, youth leaders, activists and members of NGOs, companies wishing to train their own staff to facilitate Laughter Yoga in their organization, yoga instructors, and anyone wishing to learn how to facilitate laughter and spread joy.

No prior knowledge or practice of yoga is required!


On this course you will learn & receive:

  • Learn about the history of Laughter Yoga and the work of Doctor Madan Kataria,
  • Learn the many benefits of laughter yoga for personal and professional life
  • Learn how to run a successful Laughter Yoga session
  • Understand the leadership qualities and role of the laughter leader
  • Learn how to set up a Laughter Club
  • Learn how to laugh alone and connect to the inner spirit of laughter
  • Get a 60 page manual and 6month free access to the insiders page of Laughter Yoga International,

This is not a theoretical course – it is a practical, action-packed, hands-on experience where you learn by doing and discussing rather than sitting and listening. It is guaranteed that you will take away far more than a certificate – Laughter Yoga is a life-changing experience.