Meet Devika

meet_devika I deeply believe that ease and joy are the keys to any form of success in life. My work is about assisting people to let go of stress and live a fulfilling life. The way I do this is through coaching and inspiring people to relax, use energy management tools or practice Laughter Yoga.

The reason this is so important to me is that I started my life in a pretty stressful way. Born to German parents in Calcutta/India I grew up in several countries in the Middle East. Moving around so much I observed a lot of discrimination and desired to help bridging the gap between cultures. I studied Political Science and obtained a doctorate degree from the Freie Universitaet Berlin to become a journalist and ended up working for a press agency which was very hectic.

When I moved on to working in the area of development projects in Egypt for various organizations I discovered that individuals are rarely empowered enough to make a real difference. This frustrating experience inspired my search for effective ways that assist people to unfold their talents and inherent potential.

Now I am very happy to work as coach teacher of Laughter Yoga. I created my own approach to personal development: it inspires people to bring more ease and joy into their lives. As a side-effect they become much more successful at what they do.tca_accreditedby

I was certified as Life Coach as well as Corporate Executive Coach by the Coaching Academy in London. Also I had the honor of being personally trained and certified by the founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria, in India. And I have been trained as trainer by the Institute of Heartmath in California/US

Since the year 2000 I live mainly in Cairo/Egypt and speak colloquial Arabic fluently. I was drawn to read about eastern wisdom traditions and practice yoga since I was a teenager and have studied several holistic therapies. I am also a certified practitioner of Facial Harmony, Reiki, Vortexhealing® and Divine Empowerment. These are effective ways to release stress and increase relaxation as well as vitality.

In only two words – I am a happiness facilitator