Facial Harmony – Feel Chilled and Look Rejuvenated

facial_harmony_1A session of Facial Harmony makes you feel cared for like a baby, as very tender touch is used on the energy lines of the face, head and neck. This gentle treatment relaxes and stimulates the face at a cellular level and as a result you look rejuvenated.

Blocked energy is released and allowed to flow again. Facial Harmony gives you a natural and deeply nourishing facelift. This treatment takes years of stress from your face so you look younger and feel it too.

The soft touch invites a state of deep meditative relaxation during which the daily stress is forgotten for one hour. When muscle tensions that are connected to feelings of sorrow or anger are released, more joyful energies are allowed to flow again.

After a Facial Harmony treatment many people experience feelings of deep inner calm, satisfied serenity and lightness. Already with one session, changes may be seen and felt.

The method is based on a muscle relaxation technique created by Stanley Rosenberg, a body therapist from Denmark. During his work with theater groups he noticed how much better actors could express emotions if their faces didn´t show inner stress. Tanmayo Lana Lawson from Scotland learned the Rosenberg technique and developed, together with Anna Mc Roberts today’s Facial Harmony.