Relaxing & Recharging Retreat


retreatDuring weekend retreats in stunning locations surrounded by beautiful nature we relax deeply, laugh a lot and let go of lots of stress and energetic blockages. Renewing emotions are cultivated and energy levels raised. You will open up, become more grounded while having lots of fun.

A variety of exercises will change the biochemistry of your body and boost your emotional vitality. It allows you to bring back to our every-day life more balance and resilience.

Our retreats are a great opportunity to recharge your batteries and learn tools to bring more ease and joy into your life in a fun way.

The workshop contains these elements:retreat1

  • Deep Relaxation Practice
  • Laughter Yoga Games
  • Mediation & Visualization
  • Energy Healing

Tasty meals of fresh home-made food, and beautiful surroundings are a great setting to let go of low-vibrating energies and bond with like-minded people. It will be a good mix of fun and diving deep into silence during meditations and energy transmissions.

We practice laughing together through a series of exercises that include stretching and breathing as well as exercises infusing a sense of childlike playfulness.

This brings more oxygen to body and brain, which helps to release blockages and tension and leads to a sense of well-being as more endorphins are produced and toxins evaporate.