About the Way I Work

My work as a coach is all about enabling individuals, executive managers and teams to move towards more success and fulfillment.

Research has shown that an inner state of ease is the key component for body and mind to function at optimum levels. Therefore, my specialty is in motivating people to transform stress and increase their vital energy to feel and perform better.

The way I do this is through combining coaching with the introduction of innovative methods for intelligent energy and stress management. This unique approach includes Laughter Yoga as well as the HeartMath® system.

Using simple tools that take only a few minutes of your time every day and can be practiced on the go has a very high return: it improves the quality of your life and the way you do business.

about_the_way_i_workIntroducing these methods to leaders and teams of companies increases productivity and as a result profits.

Learning how to manage your own energy levels and building stress resilience is the most intelligent step you can take to perform and live better.

It makes you feel more in control of your inner emotional state and as a result more self-confident and empowered. In this way implementing positive changes in your life that move you forward becomes easy.

People I work with are offered space to think deeply about their most important aspirations and goals as well as their options to reach them. I keep my clients on track to achieving their goals. At the same time I ensure that they find ways to bring more ease and joy into their lives.
Nowadays constant stress drains our inner batteries and we hardly ever get around to recharging. Stress accumulation leads to depleted vitality.

In contrast, people who can effectively cope with stress and adversity are resilient. An important step towards creating personal and professional excellence is in fact developing resilience. The good news is that it’s a capacity that can be developed like any other with a bit of practice.

Each of these modalities – Coaching, HearthMath and Laughter Yoga – have changed the lives of a steadily growing amount of individuals, families and businesses all over the world.

The combination of these amazingly effective and deceptively simple methods is the unique recipe for success of Devika Coaching & Consulting. Founder Dr. Ute Devika Meinel is the only person living and working mainly in Egypt who is experienced and certified as Life Coach as well as Corporate Executive Coach, HearthMath Trainer, and Teacher of Laughter Yoga. Her professional expertise is further enriched through practicing a variety of energetic therapies for more than ten years.