What People Say About Devika Coaching

I regained a clear vision for my future through Life Coaching with Ute. I learned to set goals in each area of my life and to follow-up on them. I gained more openness and courage through the exercises that were suggested after each session, which helped me to recognize my capacities. Also I discovered how important it became for me to acknowledge myself as well people around me by expressing more appreciation. This in itself had a great effect.

Amira Shawky, Architect & Entrepreneur, Cairo, Egypt

Amira Shawky, Architect & Entrepreneur, Cairo, Egypt

I invited Ute to participate in a summer camp for Palestinian and Egyptian orphans in 2012 in Nuweiba, Sinai, to lighten up the kids with Laughter Yoga. I was happy to witness her wonderful way to relate to the children and to make them laugh. This was very much needed and appreciated.

Later I have participated in three Wellness Retreats she has organized in various beautiful locations in Egypt to de-stress and recharge my batteries. Each time I have returned to Cairo refreshed and transformed. I have also enrolled her to be part of the Montessori teacher training course of OneWorld to increase self-awareness and train energy management tools with the participants, which has resulted in very positive feedback. Thank you Ute for your great work, keep it up!

Marie Therese Bishay, Montessori Director, Co-founder of OneWorld Training and Consultancy, Cairo

Marie Therese Bishay, Montessori Director, Cairo

To be honest, I didn’t have any previous idea about Life Coaching, but from the name I thought that it’s probably what I need. I was very disoriented after a harsh divorce and needed to put my life back on track somehow. After meeting with Dr. Ute I realized that the questions she asked me during the sessions made me understand where and what I wanted to be. She helped me to organize all my thoughts and set my priorities step by step.

I now feel that I can go ahead and move forward with my life because I always ask the same questions over and over again in my head to get me where I want to be. I am very pleased I went through this process. I will definitely do it again in case I need it and I recommend it to anyone who feels lost at any point of their lives.

Rania Elgazzar, Entrepreneur, Cairo, Egypt

Rania Elgazzar, Entrepreneur, Cairo, Egypt

The Coaching sessions I had with Dr. Ute Meinel have been enlightening for me. When I started I was struggling with some confusion over how to move ahead in my career and over decisions I felt I needed to take. I started to see my life situation as a whole much more clearly and could make many positive adjustments. I also realized what my long-term vision is really about. Coaching has helped me to be accepted in a reputable Master program in the area of my main interest and passion. This in itself has changed my life.

Also I came to realize the importance of a sound work-life-balance and was introduced to tools to overcome stress and maintain a healthy life-style.

Moreover, Ute has organized a Self-Esteem Workshop which also included Laughter Yoga for girls aged 10 to 12 years in which I enrolled my daughter Nour, who was thrilled about it. The feedback of the other girls was also very positive and we have recognized many positive results.

Mona Ayub, Deputy Director, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Cairo, Egypt

Mona Ayub, Deputy Director, Egypt

Before starting Life Coaching sessions I was lost and confused about how to start pursuing my passion as my career. Ute helped me to dig into myself and come up with a clear road map with milestones. She also helped me to identify the big picture of where I want to be, which consequently made me realize what are exactly my values and priorities and which path should I take to fulfill those.

One of the most important things is that she introduced me to ways to heal myself emotionally and accept myself as I am via opening the door of loving myself.

Ferial Abdelghany, Trainer and Executive Assistant of a CEO at a multinational IT company in Cairo

Ferial Abdelghany, Cairo

In spring 2012 I gave a two-day workshop in Fayoum and among the 25 participants was Ute Meinel who kindly agreed to give us a session of Laughter Yoga. It was an amazing experience for the whole group. Everybody enjoyed it tremendously and the laughter was so loud that the hotel manager came to check what is happening to our group who seemed very serious when they checked in. That was real fun.

The workshop was very successful and everybody asked me to repeat it and make a one day seminar in Cairo and of course Ute’s laughter session was the first thing they asked for. Thanks to the Laughter Yoga our next seminar was a success again. Since then I have asked her many times to participate. Thank you, Ute, for bringing joy into people’s lives. I ask you to please keep this good work up always and never give it up.

Dr. Magda Serry, Professor of Ophthalmology at the Faculty of Medicine,Cairo University

Dr. Magda Serry, Professor at Cairo University

Life Coaching helped me to discover the hidden reasons behind my self-esteem issues. I started to practice different techniques to boost that. I started to feel how much the coaching process paid off when I was told in a scholarship interview how very confident I looked! And I got that scholarship. Thank you Ute

Asma Kamel, Early Childhood Education Manager, Educate-me Foundation

Asma Kamel, Early Childhood Education Manager, Educate-me Foundation

Dr. Ute Devika Meinel introduced me to Facial Harmony at a period of difficult transition in my life. I decided to take 7 sessions and feel very grateful for this experience because it rejuvenated and totally transformed me.

The sessions and the talks afterwards also lead me to develop a new perspective on many things that were causing me trouble. As I progressed through the sessions, my energy system was completely changing, which proved to be very beneficial. I started to embrace new thoughts, people and things that appeared in my life. I was gradually able to become healthier and loose weight. I started a new job, and joined a gym. And many other positive things keep happening. I strongly recommend to anyone to take a number of Facial Harmony sessions. You will be amazed at how it transforms you from the inside

Nagham Osman, Filmmaker, Cairo

Nagham Osman, Filmmaker, Cairo

When I first started the Executive Coaching sessions I was mainly concerned with solving a difficult situation at work and realized soon into the process that what I really wanted most was to make a major move in my career.

All in all I can say that coaching has helped me to make the move I wished to make. It helped me to set realistic goals and to take the steps I said I would take. All this has contributed to increase the levels of my self-confidence and persistence. I now have a great new job in exactly the area of work and the challenging position I was seeking. In general I feel much more satisfied with myself and my life and I recommend coaching to my colleagues and friends.

Tarek Abdullah, Sales Director, Caravan Marketing Co., Six of October City, Cairo, Egypt

Tarek Abdullah, Sales Director, Cairo

Ute has hosted one of her Stress Management Retreats in our new hotel on the main farm of the SEKEM Initiative, located around 60 kilometers outside of Cairo. It was a most relaxing and nourishing weekend that was very much appreciated by all participants.

Ute’s emphasis on the importance of enhancing ease and joy in our lives and the tools she introduced proved to be very thought provoking and beneficial. She is a gifted facilitator and inspiring coach with an open heart and brilliant mind.

I recommend all her activities to my friends and wider network. This is exactly the kind of thing we need more of in Egypt.

Konstanze Abouleish, Managing Director Naturtex / SEKEM Group, Cairo

Inspiring! Driven by a holistic approach, Ute’s Life Coaching has been able to permeate every aspect of my life. When I decided to go for life coaching sessions I was seeking guidance to find out how to take more responsibility for my decisions and transform my life consequently. Ute is a professional with the energy, the love and the drive to make this happen.

Rafaella Rucci, Communication Specialist, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Cairo

Rafaella Rucci, Communication Specialist, Cairo

My experience of Life Coaching with Ute has been deep, wonderful and life changing. She has challenged me to explore my life and face my fears in a supportive but also challenging way. It has enabled me to make significant, long lasting changes to my life.

Amanda Harvey, Teacher at British International School, Cairo