The M.A.G.I.C. Coaching Programme

Motivation – Assertiveness – Goal achievement – Initiative – Confident Communication

This programme supports young people grow and excel on many different levels.

With an established track record in schools and community settings in Britain, it has become known to help young people achieve dramatic and positive results through understanding and gaining important life skills.


By using the M.A.G.I.C. model, a young person benefits by learning to:

  • listen to others and being listened to
  • increase their own levels of motivation
  • identify their most important values
  • realize the difference between aggressive, passive and assertive behaviour
  • understand the impact of positive and negative beliefs
  • set goals and break down goals into little steps
  • recognise their potential and how to use it well
  • use more initiative and become more pro-active
  • respond instead of reacting automatically
  • communicate effectively and with confidence

The MAGIC programme provides participants with the opportunity to gain an understanding of motivation, how it looks and sounds like, and its importance for success.

It assists them to explore what values are and how they are related to motivation. Participants will identify some of their core values and gain understanding why it is important to honor them.

The programme clarifies the difference between aggressive, passive and assertive behavior and encourages young people to express their needs and opinions while considering the feelings of others.

It shows how positive or negative beliefs impact on behavior and performance and encourages them to identify their main beliefs about themselves.

The students will learn about the importance to set goals and how to do this. They will gain understanding how to break goals down into little steps and keep going.

Participants will understand that confidence is important for anything they set out to do. They will gain understanding of what self-talk is and how important positive and encouraging self-talk is for them to feel well and succeed. And they can learn to observe their self-talk and turn it into a positive one.

They will also be equipped with a better understanding of ways to create a positive rapport with other people and to communicate in a self-confident manner.